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From Delphia, Bill, and Dave, welcome! Thank you for visiting RazorJuice. Our missions are to save and improve lives by empowering people to live Life On The Sun. We will eventually offer a full range of everyday solar solutions, but we are starting with sometimes the most important – keeping the phone alive.

RazorJuice powers your phone and / or power bank on the sun through a standard USB connection. Electrical power, and working smartphones, are things we take for granted until they are gone. The post-hurricane Bahamas is a sad, recent case of how quickly that reality can change.

If you spend significant time outdoors – festival attendee, hiker, camper, boater, surfer, golfer, coastal resident, etc., we think you need one of these. Believe it or not, our product was in discussion at the Pentagon this week with what I can only describe as some relatively “outdoorsy types” :). 
Please sign up and join the RazorJuice family. We will be sending first deliveries soon, and it would be nice to have RazorJuice in your backpack or purse before you unexpectedly need it! There is no commitment, but we want to know who wants to get this into their hands first.
Part of our plan with this blog is to celebrate genius and hard work around the world. If we can rebuild the world around sustainable power, here is how “the kids” will go use it.



Life on the sun! #whatchargesyou 


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