Frequently Asked Questions

What is RazorJuice and what is your mission?

At RazorJuice, we are working to empower society to pull energy from the sun. Currently, we are dependent on fossil fuels. We pull fossil fuels out of the ground and don’t return them, when the sun is readily available. Whether you agree with climate change, you can’t disagree with the fact that we are extracting what we cannot return for the next generation, running up national debt that some generation will eventually have to repay, and sending people out to fight wars over oil and gas who may never come home.

What is the product in the picture on your site?

We call it “RazorJuice”, or “RazorJuice 1.0”. It is a small, lightweight panel that allows you to power your smartphone off of the sun. RazorJuice is a sleek, photovoltaic cell that turns solar energy into electricity. It accepts a standard USB plug.

Is RazorJuice as efficient as plugging into a wall or car charger?

No. RazorJuice will take longer to charge your phone. However, you will be charging your phone off of the sun. We are running studies on efficiency, and in best mid-day conditions we believe we will be able to fully charge a smart phone in 1.5 hours.

Will my phone always charge off of RazorJuice?

Usually, in the sun, but not always. Your phone has likely been optimized by its producer to only accept a minimum charge in an effort to get you to continue to buy their proprietary products. You may experience low-sun scenarios where your phone will be programmed to show you an error message. This is a business tactic and we will apply pressure, through publicity and app development, to solve it. The phone companies should be allowing owners to utilize the sun for power during emergencies. Only real sunlight will power your phone on a solar charger.

If my phone is getting an error message, is there a work-around?

Yes. Carry a power pack. Plug in RazorJuice to your power pack and keep it fully charged. The power packs take all of the sun available! Run your phone down and charge your power pack as your backup.

Isn’t charging my phone on the wall carbon-free?

No. Typically, anything powered off of the wall is running off of coal or natural gas.

Why would I need a RazorJuice?

RazorJuice provides on-demand power from the most reliable source of energy in the world. The sun. When you are at a festival, hiking, camping, boating, a victim of a natural disaster, etc. We are actually working with the military right now on a solution for remote energy issues. Don’t get to zero!

Is RazorJuice convenient to transport?

RazorJuice is approximately 11.4 inches tall, 5.9 inches wide, and .08 inches thick. It weighs less than half a pound. It is easily slipped into a backpack, medium-sized purse, or clipped to a backpack, pocket, or shirt. It is smaller than an iPad and way lighter.

Is this the single product that will be offered by RazorJuice?

No. Consider this your introduction into the solar world! We will offer a line of products. Slightly larger products will power electronics, campsite electronics, grills, tailgates, etc. Two of our three founders are ex-military, and we are actually working with the military to get our solution into the hands of the Special Forces.

Do you have a larger vision for the role of solar energy?

Yes. Our partner company, JPods (www.jpods.com) will change urban transportation. They are working quickly to begin solar transportation in  a “City Zero” and then improve safety and speed and predictability and affordability of transportation, employment opportunities, and carbon footprint in cities around the world.

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